Basement Renovations in Richmond Hill, ON


Depending on the time and design of construction; basements are usually made of stone or clay tile walls or poured concrete or concrete blocks. In newer structures, many builders use precast panels to build the foundation walls to save money and time on a construction site. Irrespective of what type of basement you have or for what purpose you are currently using it, your basement has a huge potential for you to add on to your living space square footage area. All it needs is a partial or full Basement Renovation​!

Basement Renovation

Finished basements are a great value addition to your existing building. However, before you decide on basement renovation or finishing a basement, you must understand that the finished basements can be costly to maintain. It is mainly due to deterioration of waterproofing materials or lateral earth movement, etc. Also, any structures below ground level will never be as dry as ones above ground, and measures must be taken to circulate air and dehumidify the area.

Licensed and skilled workers at Summit Contractors provide complete basement renovation and remodeling services for clients across Richmond Hill, Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Markham, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Maple, Concord, King City, Stouffville, Newmarket, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Keswick, Pickering, and surrounding areas.


Hiring expert contractors who can test your basement and guide you and complete basement renovation is a must.

This is where we Summit Contractors can help you realize your basement plans. We offer end to end services such as basement planned design​, finishing, repair, waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation and basement health and mold treatment. With over 13 years in the industry​, we have accomplished all types of basement projects. Plumbing service available​ with us take all the factors into consideration. We make sure that the basements are properly heated to prevent water supply pipes, drains, etc. from freezing and bursting in winter. Finished basements are insulated to the floor with vapor barriers to prevent moisture transmission. We also do the electrical (i.e., pot lights​ or recessed lighting) work to brighten the basement. Each and every basement renovation we have completed since 2005 is a proof of the skilled workmanship, reliability, quality and on-time work we do.

Basement Renovation Team at Summit Contractors

All our team members are fully licensed professionals.​ We understand all the pros and cons of renovating your basement area and have the knowledge of necessary permits for doing such a kind of remodeling​ work. Our team will first carry out a thorough inspection for moisture by taping two-foot squares of plastic sheeting to the floor and walls. We then wait for a couple of weeks to see if condensation forms underneath to understand if your foundation is not sealed or if your basement needs dehumidifying. We also probe for rot and insect damage in floor joists, rim and header joists, the sill plate, and wood-framed windows. Our expert team member will then sit down with you to discuss your wants and needs and guide you with proper designs and plans post this thorough inspection for existing moisture or mold issues. We follow the local fire code requirements too; most jurisdictions require an emergency egress through either egress-style windows or, a door in the case of a walkout basements. This helps you to include the basements square footage as living space of the building property.

Whether you want a fully finished basement or a partially finished basement, we can do it all and make it function as a fully habitable addition to the house. Your basement renovation can be a new living room, a guest bedroom, a recreation room, a bathroom, a home office, a home gym, a home theater, a basement bar, a sauna, and more.

Customer satisfaction and superior customer service are our primary objectives. With Summit Contractors trustworthy services, you can be assured you’ll get a great looking, fully functional basement renovation carried out exactly the way you have envisioned.