Refacing your house exterior is not an easy task so that’s where our team comes in to help maintain your home’s functionality, visual appearance, and property value. First impressions count, and your home’s exterior matters.

Summit Contractors is a home renovation company that has been offering GTA resident’s exceptional exterior renovations and home improvements for nearly two decades. Discover how we can help with your house exterior brick refacing in Toronto.

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Refacing House Exterior Toronto

Houses in Toronto are made up of numerous materials. To accommodate the different types, we offer the following refacing house exterior services:

Stone Veneer Refacing and Siding

A stone exterior provides several benefits such as creating a look of natural beauty, not requiring additional support, is less expensive, and stone is likely to last for many years when properly installed.

Siding Replacement

Siding that is falling off a house can no longer protect the underlying structure. Siding replacement can ensure structural integrity, but also improve your home’s appearance, can enhance energy efficiency, boost resale value, reduce painting and maintenance costs, and ensure long-term protection.

Stucco Refinishing

This service is offered in a wide range of colours that will provide a beautiful exterior appeal. In addition, stucco refinishing can keep the moisture out of your house, seal up all hairline cracks on the exterior and interior of your home, hide any stains, and is low maintenance.

Brick Resurfacing

Resurfacing can provide additional protection to the underlying stone, shielding it from weathering, moisture, and other external elements. This added protection can improve the durability and longevity of your exterior brick surface, prolonging its lifespan.

Why You Need Exterior House Refacing

Homes approaching 20 years old will naturally start to look dated, dull, or even lose some of their functionality. If that’s the case, exterior home renovations may just be what your Toronto residence needs. In addition to exterior house refacing enhancing your curb appeal, this service is an important part of home maintenance because it improves your home’s functionality. 

We repair any existing foundation issues and restore your house’s structure, paying attention to signs of deterioration and damage. When refacing brick exterior, we use only the highest quality materials designed to be durable and long-lasting. Your house is an investment we not only want to protect but also increase its energy efficiency and resale value. After a house exterior makeover, your home will be much more desirable on the open market if you ever intend on selling.

What You Get with Summit Contractors

We are a team full of premium house exterior renovation contractors ready to service homes across the GTA. When you choose Summit Contractors, you get:

5 Year Warranty

We confidently standby work we are proud of and guarantee your satisfaction will exceed expectations. With our 5-year warranty, have peace of mind knowing we won’t just ignore the service calls. If you need us after, we’ll be there.

Licensed and Insured Professionals

Rest assured that our team of contractors are licensed, insured and registered with WSIB.

Attention to Detail

Our experts here have an astute attention to detail to ensure all our refacing services are executed to perfection.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

You get a team dedicated to improving your house’s functionality, aesthetic, and value.

Finest Craftsmanship and Materials

We take pride in our superb craftsmanship and source the finest materials to ensure long-lasting results.

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