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Summit Contractors is your trusted partner in building home additions, providing affordable housing solutions for Toronto and the GTA.

Whether you need to build an in-law suite or need a bungalow addition, our comprehensive services are committed to capturing your design and lifestyle needs in one streamlined project.

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Which Home Addition is For You?

No matter what the scale, creating a new living space in your home is a major renovation project that requires careful planning and budget considerations to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. Here are some tips to consider the following when choosing your home addition:

  • Assess Property: Our experts will consider the layout of your property to determine what space is available for an addition or extension. If there isn’t a viable option, we will recommend building up, such as adding a second storey to your home.
  • Check Local By-laws: Property line considerations, height restrictions, and setback requirements may differ depending on your location. With that in mind, our contractors will check your local municipality zoning regulations to make sure we meet all requirements and obtain all necessary permits before building. 
  • Evaluate Existing Framework: We need to determine what type of addition can safely be built to your home. By consulting with our house extension builders, we can evaluate whether your current house framework can support the weight of the home addition you want.

Types of Home Additions

As home addition contractors in Toronto, we specialize in the professional design and development of a wide range of home addition solutions, including:

  • Bungalow Addition: For those homeowners looking to modify their space to accommodate a growing family, building up on your bungalow is a more affordable and practical alternative to moving. 
  • Dormer Addition: A dormer addition is suitable for most types of houses including semi-detached, detached, and terraced. This type of addition is a small room that is built on top of a sloped roof. They are ideal to add to attics and smaller upper floors to provide more living space and provide tons of natural light.
  • Partial Second Story Addition: This type of custom home addition only sits on one portion of the house. It is for those GTA homeowners who only need a little extra space and can control costs by reducing the size and scope of what’s being added.
  • Complete Second-Story Addition: Summit Contractors’ home addition experts design and build a complete second-story addition by building upward from your existing home. To ensure this hope addition is installed safely, our professionals may add supports to your house, upgrade its foundation, or remove and replace the roof.
  • Garden Suite: This is a detached small home addition that is built in the backyard, providing both space and privacy for your family or guests. Our home addition contractors make sure to abide by all rules and regulations when building a garden suite in Toronto. Homeowners choose to take advantage of this housing option because it can increase the value of their home.
  • In-law Suite: This Toronto home addition is quite common for growing families and is one of the most affordable home additions. We offer detached and attached in-law suite options. Attached in-law suites are ideal in situations where a family member needs to stay in the same house to be cared for whereas a detached in-law suite is preferred for those family members looking to have their own privacy.
  • Laneway Suite: This type of home addition is built on a laneway in Toronto and is one of the smaller, more sustainable housing options. This separate residential unit will be built connected to a public laneway and is typically situated in the rear yard of your Toronto property.

What You Get

When you choose Summit Contactors, you are getting a team full of licensed and insured contractors with nearly 2 decades of experience working in Toronto home additions and renovations. We work efficiently, meeting all deadlines, and do not sacrifice the quality of our materials at the expense of competitive prices.  Contact us today for more information about our renovation services and speak with one of our Summit Contractors to see which home addition is best suited for you!

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