Home Renovations that Improve Your Home’s Value

newly renovated kitchen with white cabinets and center island

If you’re planning to list your home or are simply looking to do a few upgrades, there are some that are a far better investment. A few home renovations can really make a big difference in the value of your home.

Let’s take a look at the types of renovations you can make to improve your home’s resale value. This blog describes how to incorporate these changes into your own budget and any future projects you might want to take on.

Build a Home Addition

Adding more space to your home is one of the best home renovations you can do to upgrade your home. Whether you extend your kitchen or living room, add a new bedroom in the basement, or add a new bathroom, it’s all a great investment.

Just knocking down a bedroom wall to open the space will create a much more open and inviting space. Adding a renovation in the basement is also a great idea and can be great for a loved one or to rent out.

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kitchen renovated with white cabinets and golden hardware and white marble countertop

Renovate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of any home so renovating your kitchen will provide homeowners with the best return on your investment. Consider purchasing new appliances, updating lighting fixtures, tearing out a wall, and adding a beautiful kitchen island.

Adding a window and new countertops can really brighten up a dark and older space. Get new cabinets with extra storage to make it easier to work and live in.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Older homes have smaller size bathrooms that simply won’t work with today’s families. You can get extra storage, better lighting, and new plumbing and fixtures to make it much more modern.

A fresh new renovated bathroom is a huge selling point for a potential buyer. It means they don’t have to do it themselves. You might want to consider adding a new bathroom if you only have one in your home.

bathroom renovation contractor at work
Revamp Outdoor Living Space

Revamp Outdoor Living Space

Beautiful outdoor living space is like having an extra room. An extension of the kitchen will allow you to entertain, cook outside, relax, and enjoy the weather. 

You can have it covered and add heaters to extend the period of time you can use it. Adding plants and some comfortable furniture and you will never want to leave it.

Increase Accessibility in Home

Depending on the needs of your family, you may need to make your home more accessible especially if you have aging parents in the home. You or someone in the family may require additional space to get around. You can widen doors, and halls, and remove obstacles like the front steps.

Build an accessible tub or a shower with a bench. Make things portable in the kitchen so you can move them around when you need to make room for someone. You can also add ramps outside that lead to the front doors or add an extra door around the side of the house.

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