How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Home?

If you’re considering renovating your home in Canada, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. Sadly, there is no definitive cost of house renovations because of the variance associated with this type of construction project. Fortunately, the home contractor pros at Summit Contractors have created this all-inclusive guide to help share insight into the costs of a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, basement renovation, and full house renovation, as well as the influential factors that affect prices. We hope you can take away this valuable information and save a pretty penny in the process!

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Home?

Kitchen Renovation Cost

The kitchen is such a high-functioning, multi-purposeful space in any home. So having a well-equipped, easy-to-use kitchen that is customized to accommodate your needs is a must-have for any York Region homeowner. One way to achieve your dream kitchen is with the help of renovating. But how much does kitchen renovation cost in Toronto?

This varies drastically based on materials, size, manufacturer, design, and appliances. You may be seeking a major kitchen renovation which may include the likes of updated appliances, a new island, and custom lighting, or you may be interested in minor kitchen updates which include examples such as new countertops, new lighting, and a new coat of paint.

Because of the vast range of options, it’s difficult to provide a concrete answer to how much a kitchen renovation will cost. The best solution is to contact your local contractors such as the professional at Summit Contractors, to offer you a custom renovation quote as per your requests.

In the interim, please refer to this cost guide charted below. The monetary figures listed are for various kitchen renovation tasks reported by Toronto homeowners as of January 2021.

TaskAverage CostLowest ReportedHighest Reported
Appliance Installation $913$100$5,000
Kitchen Flooring$950$400$1,500
Cabinet Installation$2,173$200$10,000
Kitchen Wall Painting$2,274$250$7,800
Backsplash Installation$2,724$145$50,000
Counter Installation$3,857$500$9,500
Cabinet Refacing$8,227$1,500$25,000
Whole Kitchen Renovation$15,998$100$50,000
dual floating basin shelf with vessel counter top with grey theme color

Bathroom Renovation Cost

One of the most popular construction projects sought after by Canadian homeowners is bathroom renovations. This is because there are such great benefits in obtaining a quality bathroom.

Most notably, transforming your space can increase your home’s value and improve your daily routine. The cost of a bathroom renovation project can vary depending on the elements you are interested in installing.

It’s important to ask your local contractors, such as Summit Contractors while planning your project to receive an accurate quote. The cost guide provided below is a general overview of how much it costs to complete a bathroom renovation in Toronto.

We hope you can take these numbers based on Toronto homeowners as of November 2020 to plan and budget your bathroom renovations successfully.

TaskAverage CostLowest ReportedHighest Reported
Faucet Installation$490$136$2,500
Sink Installation$556$120$2,100
Toilet Installation$998$100$14,000
Bathtub Installation$2,050$500$5,000
Tile Installation$4,890$350$27,000
Shower Installation$6,901$500$50,000
Whole Bathroom Renovation$13,372$1,000$50,000

Basement Renovation Cost

The basement is arguably the most flexible space in your home because of its ability to be utilized and customized to fit your unique needs.

Whether you are wanting to add a kitchen, remodel a bathroom, build for an additional bedroom, or finish the basement with a game room or home office, the costs fluctuate substantially.

When you hire a local basement contractor such as Summit Contractors, you will receive a no-obligation free quote based on the expected labour and materials, the design requirements, and the size and scope of the project.

If you are thinking about taking on a basement upgrade, our contractor pricing guide is here to help you stay on budget. The contents have been compiled from verified Toronto-based homeowners as of March 2022.

TaskAverage CostLowest ReportedHighest Reported
Game Room$1,147$100$4,000
Home Office Renovation$7,219$120$50,000
Bathroom Renovation$9,486$100$50,000
Kitchen Renovation$13,483$100$50,000
Whole Basement Renovation$12,673$100$50,000

Full House Renovation Cost

The costs for full home renovations differs more than other types of renovation project. Not only is there variance in what room you are renovating, for example, bathroom, kitchen, basement, etc., but the types of renovations included in those rooms differ, i.e., adding lighting, pulling up floors, changing fixtures, installing appliances, rearranging plumbing and electrical, reapplying paint, etc.

Most general contractors specialize in specific areas so it’s important to hire a team such as Summit Contractors who have expertise in all aspects of home remodeling.

To further explicate the details of a full house renovation, we start with a basement renovation which may involve a bathroom installation, increasing the height of the ceiling, or adding additional spaces for a living room or a bedroom. A bathroom renovation is especially dependent on contractors with specialized skills because plumbing and electrical work is often required. The cost of bathroom renovations in Toronto is affected by factors such as the size of the bathroom, the number of tasks involved, and if moving to plumb, for example, moving the position of your sink is required.

A kitchen renovation may include installing a kitchen island or knocking down walls to expand the size. Factors such as labour, customization, and the amount of planning and research involved affect overall costs. Other types of renovation projects included in a complete home renovation are building a laneway house for a studio space or rental unit, adding a room for additional space, or renovating an old home because the dated structure needs updating.

Factors That Affect House Renovation Costs

When trying to determine how much renovating a house in Canada costs,

the following factors have a great influence:

  • Age: The older the house, the more likely renovations will be required. Trying to locate materials that match the surrounding space or obtaining replacement pieces may also be costly because the supplies needed may be limited or discounted altogether.
  • Architectural Complexity: If you are planning on tearing down walls, pulling up floors, rearranging plumbing or electrical systems, or any other experimentations with complex or unique renovations will ultimately increase costs.
  • Location: Where your home is located, and the surrounding properties will affect costs. For example, a home that is difficult to access or one that requires tools, materials, and machines that are beyond standard construction equipment will be expensive to renovate.
  • Number and Type of Luxury Finishes: The more high-end finishes you choose while renovating, the more expensive the project will be.
  • Timeframe: How tight on time are you to complete your renovation project? If you can be flexible in working with other people’s schedules and can wait for the acquisition of materials, this will pay off noticeably in the long run. Bear in mind, when estimating costs for your budget, tack on 20 to 25% extra to account for unexpected finances.

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There are so many types of home renovations that include everything from installing a kitchen backsplash to converting a tub to shower in your bathroom, to replacing windows, to adding a bar in your basement. Then, depending on factors such as the size and scope of the project, the age and location of your home, your timeline, the architectural complexity of the job, and the number and type of high-end finishes, the cost can vary so greatly in Canada. We hope this comprehensive guide outlined today has helped you gain a better understanding of the general range of how much a kitchen, bathroom, basement, and full home renovations cost. In any case, the best practice is to contact your home contractors to discuss in detail the cost breakdown before moving forward with construction.

Summit Contractors is ready to help homeowners in Richmond Hill and across the York Region area with all their home renovation needs. With over 17 years of industry experience, we provide quality workmanship for any size project and use only the highest quality materials available. When you choose Summit Contractors, you get end-to-end full-service solutions with our team of in-house licensed master HVAC technicians, electricians, and plumbers. Contact us by calling, filling out our form online, emailing, or visiting in person to schedule a free consultation to get the most accurate estimation on your next home renovation project.

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