Is White Siding a Good Idea?

Did you know when your house siding shows signs of wear like discoloration or sagging, it can actually impact your home’s property value? In this article, we’ll explore why white siding is a trending colour and why vinyl siding is becoming the go to material for homes. We’ll also explore the benefits and disadvantages of white siding.

What Is White Vinyl Siding?

White vinyl siding is a type of external cladding utilized on commercial and residential structures. Vinyl siding is a common choice for homeowners because of its affordability, ease of upkeep, and durability. White vinyl siding refers specifically to siding panels with a white hue.

Vinyl siding is made primarily from polyvinyl chloride. Its design prevents it from degrading or needing constant care by surviving elements like rain, wind, and sunshine. Vinyl siding is famous for resisting mildew, mould development, insect damage, and deterioration.

What To Consider When Choosing White Siding

Whatever your house type, white siding will make it seem impressive. With a blank canvas, you may design the house’s exterior in numerous ways, such as the shutters, trim, landscaping, etc., which means you can get a varied style and appearance.

White vinyl siding is also an ideal option against Toronto’s harsh weather due to its durability.

Advantages of White Vinyl Siding

A white exterior siding has numerous advantages, making it a prevalent choice for many homeowners in Toronto and GTA:

Vinyl siding requires less upkeep over time, saving homeowners money and effort.

White vinyl siding is perfect for homes in all climates since it is a durable and weather-resistant PVC material.

Siding in white vinyl is frequently less expensive than siding in unique colours or finishes.

White vinyl siding is the most energy-efficient option compared to other materials. It keeps your house warmer in the winter and colder in the summer by reflecting heat and UV rays which lowers your energy costs.

White is a timeless and elegant colour. It always stays in style, guaranteeing that your house will always seem modern and appealing.

Disadvantages of White Vinyl Siding

Even though white vinyl siding has a lot of benefits, there may also be some drawbacks that should be considered.

Long-term exposure to sunshine can cause white vinyl siding, even with UV-resistant coatings, to fade to some extent. 

White is a neutral and adaptable colour, although it might not allow for as much personalization as other hues.

Temperature variations can cause vinyl siding to expand and compress. This may result in sagging or distortion of the siding in harsh conditions. 

How Much Does White Vinyl Siding Cost?

White vinyl siding comes in various brands, all with varying price points.

Siding ranges in price from around $2.50 per square foot for the least cost to about $10.75 for the most expensive. As a result, $4 to $5 per square foot is the usual cost.

Final Thoughts

White siding, especially white vinyl, is a great choice for homeowners. It offers easy maintenance, durability, affordability, and energy efficiency, although fading and limited color options are drawbacks. With a team of knowledge and years of expertise, Summit Contractors provides a range of vinyl siding alternatives to suit every taste and price range. From the first consultation to the installation, their work demonstrates their dedication to quality and client pleasure.

For all of your vinyl siding needs in Toronto, Summit Contractors is the go-to business. Have questions about replacing your house siding? Contact our team today!

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