1. Discovery Consultation

The first step we take in the renovation process is gathering key details about the project. This includes understanding your goals, defining the scope of work, knowing the details of the house, the desired timeline, the type of property we are renovating, and collecting any relevant pictures.

To get started, we’ll need to know the vision you have for your new basement and contrast it with the current condition of your basement. Knowing this better prepares us for the task at hand and helps us create a customized renovation plan to transform your basement.

We’ll ask you to provide details on the size of your basement, whether it is finished or unfinished, what features it currently has and what new features you would like incorporated into your basement space. We’ll also need to know whether you need new framing, insulation, or a new HVAC system, and if there are any foundational issues that need to be addressed i.e. cracks, leaks, etc. We’ll explore various options and, guided by your responses, create a detailed renovation plan for your basement.

Our process includes asking some key questions about the project early on like whether you want a new kitchen layout, if any walls are being removed or a kitchen island installed, whether new flooring is desired or if there is any repair work that needs to be done prior to installing the new kitchen. We will also take note of your desired timeline.

During the discovery consultation, we will collaborate with you to create a dream kitchen that will elevate your home, in both design and functionality. Whether you need a bigger kitchen, additional storage solutions or need to include new-built-in appliances, you can trust Summit Contractors to do it all.

Delivering a new bathroom that exceeds your expectations is our goal. To achieve this, we will request details that give us a good understanding of how you would like your bathroom transformed. We’ll discuss what your goals are for your new bathroom e.g. creating more storage, tub-to-shower conversion, or creating an accessible bathroom. There are unique characteristics of your house like the age of your home, the type of residence i.e. house, condo, etc., whether drywall or lath and plaster were used, and if there are any traces of asbestos present in the home.

Having a good understanding of the condition of your current bathroom is critical in mapping out the project and identifying any existing bathroom problems that need to be corrected. Once we have these pertinent details, we will discuss the project timeline with you and discuss what types of materials you would like installed in your bathroom.

2. Preliminary Estimate

Once we have been able to gather the information we need about your renovation goals and the condition of the existing space, we can estimate what the renovation cost will be. If we gather sufficient detail from photos and discussions with you about the project details, we can give an estimate based on this information. Alternatively, an on-site assessment can be scheduled at a convenient time for you if necessary.

Seeing the site allows us to create the most accurate quote possible based on the conditions of the room and we can determine what the best course of action is for your home renovation.

The final step in the initial phase is finalizing the contract and payment details. Once both parties agree on the details of the contract and sign it, our team will create a detailed estimate that outlines the work that will be done.

3. Design and Planning

In this stage, you collaborate with our designers to bring your home renovation vision to life. We discuss your lifestyle, build your wishlist, and develop design suggestions to suit your needs and enhance your interior home. You also have access to our material library from our select suppliers.

Our design team will use the information gathered to begin preliminary design work that incorporates your preferences. We will handle the permit application process and create design drawings using 3-D rendering, which will give you a visual representation of what the finished outcome will look like. During this phase, we will also give you a list of the materials you’ll need to purchase for the renovation.

One of our priorities is ensuring that the site remains secure and safe at all times. We’re also meticulous about detail. We take accurate measurements and use high-quality protective materials that provide superior protection for materials.

4. Demolition and Construction

Before we begin the renovation process, we’ll carefully demolish areas of the room that are no longer needed and dispose of them safely and securely. Then we proceed with the construction phase as follows:

Our qualified technicians will handle your electrical and plumbing needs and make sure that these systems are connected properly.

Proper framing and drywall installed by our expert team will provide a good structural foundation for your walls and ceiling.

We take robust measures to ensure your bathroom is protected against potential water damage.

We will help you choose which type of flooring is best suited for your lifestyle. For example, if you have pets and children, choose vinyl flooring over engineered flooring which is more cost effective and can withstand scratches, dents and high traffic.

After cabinets and countertops are selected and delivered, we’ll install them, paying close attention to detail to ensure they accommodate for electricals and plumbing fixtures.

Trust our team to install your backsplash in an artistic way that makes it stand out and draw appeal. We’ll ensure it gets installed in the functional areas as well i.e. behind your new hood fan.

We’ll make sure the electrical and plumbing layout is completed as per your new home renovation design. This involves testing the electrical and plumbing connections to ensure they are running smoothly.

Cosmetic touches like painting, trim, and casings are installed and touched up properly for the perfect finish for your new space.

We treat your home like it’s our own. Once the construction is complete, we’ll ensure that the area is left tidy, and we’ll dispose of any waste or garbage.

5. Walk- Through and Live

We conduct a final walk-through of your home to ensure everything has been done perfectly and meets local building code. We take pride in our work and want you to fully enjoy your newly renovated space.

Full House renovation process by Summit Contractors